Sunday, October 02, 2011

First Aid For Epilepsy Video - You Can Do This!

First Aid For Epilepsy Video- You Can Do This

Tiki Barber, Chanda Gunn and DJ Hapa talk about Epilepsy and First Aid


  • Stay Calm.
  • Ensure Safety.
  • Support The Head - Keep the head inclined to avoid choking
  • Position the person (if possible) on the side.
  • Time the shaking phase of the seizure, if possible.

Do Not 
  • Hold a person down, 
  • Put anything in the mouth
  • Do not give  - food, water or pills until seizure is over and person is alert.

Call 911 for

  • Injury, vomiting
  • First Seizure
  • Unknown History
  • Seizure over 5 minutes in na KNOWN person with epilepsy
  • You are worried

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