Monday, November 12, 2018

CBD & Epilepsy: What are some of the results?

I have prescribed low THC cannabis for refractory epilepsy patients as part of the Texas Compassionate Use Program. I am collecting retrospective data and the results are interesting. 

​So far about 1/3 have responded. 

Thank you to the patients!


Saturday, October 13, 2018

You can search how your neurologist is board certified.

See how your specialist is board certified ...


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Offering Pediatric Neurology Chronic Care to the Houston Area and all Texas Children

What is Neurologic  Chronic Care?

Having a child with special needs changes you. it changes your family, your world view. My medical practice has changed too as i think about my patients' experience, the family experience.

I use this experience to treat people with an illness, the experience of having a disease.

Neurologists have a reputation for wizard like mastery of esoterica with an eponymous jagon replete with Latin and German.  "The patient displayed Witzelsucht and was Babinski positive. "

Even so, the complexity and granularity of pediatric neurology has increased since I started practice.

  • Good care requires require detailed letters of accommodation for 504.
  • New gene tests emerge daily.
  • I can confer with specialist throughout the world

Ultimately this effort is medically indicated and valued.

Medicare, medicaid and most insurance recognizes this need and may offer coverage for these services even if NOT face-to-face.

To meet these requirements HSC has instituted chronic care programming to assist in the wrap-around.

Please contact us for details.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

HISD board unanimously approves oversight of special ed programs

Chronicle journalist wins award for special ed series ...“Keep your hand on the pulse of special education, to actually increase the amount of monitoring,” committee member and HISD parent Joshua Rotenberg told the board. “The community has a vote of ‘no confidence’ for the administration’s ability to fix itself.”

HISD board approves more oversight of special ed programs

Houston ISD trustees unanimously voted Thursday to enact greater board oversight of the district’s special education services, enacting recommendations by a board-appointed committee that found HISD has been shortchanging students with disabilities.
Trustees now will hold workshops centered on special education three times per year, require district administrators to submit an annual strategic plan for students with disabilities and seek policy changes that will emphasize special education across the district, among other actions approved at Thursday’s board meeting.
The changes all were recommended by the district’s Special Education Ad-Hoc Committee, which the board formed in February 2017 following a Houston Chronicle investigation that found a years-long pattern of HISD and other Texas school districts denying access to special education services.

Low-THC Cannabis in Texas is Limited

Low-THC Cannabis in Texas is limited to very few despite favorable side effects and regardless of its its efficacy in epilepsy.  I wish that , as an epilepsy specialist, I had the option to use this treatment before a patient fails 2 medicines. - JR

Patients locked out

Micah covers his ears, scared that his mother, Bonnie, will accidentally say words like “clothes,” “white,” and “stoplight.” The words trigger his autism-related aggression. Photo: Marie D. De Jesús
Is it ethical for Texas to withhold medical cannabis?

Micah Jensen reached across the table and slapped his sister’s wrist. He shimmied out of his chair. Ran up to her face and spit. Grabbed his iPad, the one with the rubber protector, and chucked it at the wall. He lunged head-first onto the sofa and howled.
The 12-year-old’s autism makes him easily agitated. On top of that, he has epilepsy and the medicine he takes to reduce his violent seizures heightens his sensitivity to sounds, including certain words, plunging him into an increasingly aggressive cycle.At least this time, no chairs were thrown. This time, it wasn’t in public. This time, his sister wouldn’t bruise.
His family believes the low-THC cannabinoid oil the state recently made legal could offer relief and treat his epilepsy. But Texas’ medical cannabis program wasn’t designed for him.
An estimated 500,000 Texans have epilepsy, but the cannabis law restricts its use to those suffering from the rarer “intractable” form.
The drug went on sale this spring for the estimated 150,000 Texans with intractable epilepsy, but it remains out of reach for Micah and others who want very much to give it a try.

His family is fighting to get the state to rewrite its rules. But the Legislature doesn’t go back into session until next year, and they have no guarantees they will get enough political support by then. All the while, Micah is getting bigger, more aggressive.
 Full Article HERE

Thursday, September 13, 2018