Monday, September 12, 2011

Survey suggests billions lost to insomnia in productivity

In an era when workplace productivity is in high demand, a new research study suggests more than $60 billion are lost each year due to insomnia in America.

Researchers discovered through the WHO Health and Work Performance survey of more than 7,400 U.S. workers that each person lost slightly more than 11 days of productivity due to being “sleepy, tired or fatigued.”

Individually, those 11 days added up to $2,280 per worker.

Almost 20 percent claimed to have had some form of insomnia and low on‐the‐job work performance.

“Unfortunately this study affirms what we see daily in our sleep clinics and hear on the radio. Well‐intentioned, hard working Americans are plagued by sleep disorders such as Insomnia – which not only affects their work performance – but dramatically harms their health. Fortunately, there are reasonable solutions we recommend every day for our patients,” stated Dr. William H. Noah, founder of Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee and the Sleep Doctors Radio Show.

The same study also revealed that the amount of lost production decreased more than 30 percent when proper remedies were applied to the workforce.

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