Sunday, September 15, 2013

High amounts of exercise can decrease epilepsy risk

A new study indicates that high levels of exercise reduced the risk of developing epilepsy.

A new study conducted in Sweden has revealed that lower fitness rate in men aged 18 has a direct relationship to increased epilepsy risks, the study was a long one covering over 40 years. “During the 40 years, we know that certain people had TBI, we know people had cardiovascular events, and we know some had diabetes because we could follow these from the registers in Sweden,” said Dr. Ben-Menachem. “We also looked at the genetic part and even if we correct for all of those different aspects, we still get the people with high cardiovascular fitness having a lower risk compared to the lower cardiovascular group.”
The association of cardiovascular fitness with epilepsy was still quite significant even allowing for the other known factors responsible for epilepsy. Another interesting factor that came into light is that in a family if 1 brother has epilepsy then the risk becomes two times more for the other brother or brothers to develop epilepsy later in life.
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