Friday, September 06, 2013

Cant swallow pills of Vayarin? Ideas for successfully giving the open Vayarin capsule to your child.

VayarinHave you ever tried to open the Vayarin capsule and give the contents to your child? Here are some foods that successfully MASK Vayarin Powder's Taste.

Please send more ideas...

Good luck!

Here is a (running) list of food that successfully mask the taste / smell of Vayarin:

  • White Fish salad (Blue Hill Bay) -1 Oz : 1 capsule. Fish with your fish? surprises here sample here
  • Strawberry Short cake and others (Three Brothers Bakery, Houston TX) Here
  • Nutella 1 HEAPING teaspoon : 1 capsule
  • Vanilla Icing

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ML said...

I "sandwich" the Vayarin powder between layers of berry jam and my very picky daughter swallows it without problems.