Saturday, February 17, 2018

low-THC Cannabis & Epilepsy in Texas on Texas Public Radio

 ... Doctor Joshua Rotenberg, of Houston Specialty Clinic, agrees with Newmark. Rotenberg, who is also registered in the CURT, notes he senses “a lot of hesitation” and “fear” among physicians regarding the low-THC cannabis treatment in Texas, partly because of doubts about the legal aspects surrounding it, and partly because of what is still a lack of knowledge about the treatment itself by those not specialized in epilepsy or not familiar with the research yet. 

Cannabis Treatment Raises Hope For Parents Of Epileptic Children; But Costs, Side Effects Are A Matter Of Concern 

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Dr. Joshua Rotenberg, who works at Houston Specialty Clinic, is one of the 21 physicians that have so far been approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety to prescribe low-THC cannabis treatments for intractable epilepsy.
Rotenberg says the discussion about low-THC cannabis treatments for epilepsy has increased over the last five years and adds that “this medicine is helping a group of people that are really suffering and are really impaired from their epilepsy.” There are over 20 other states in the country where cannabis has been legalized for medical purposes. 
An impactful illness
Rotenberg underlines an illness as impactful as epilepsy typically affects more than just the patient. “It’s not just them, it’s their whole families, these are kids that are having many, many dozens of seizures a day and they have no life, or they have very little quality of life and, so, most of the parents that I see are running towards it as an option to help their children,” explains the physician about the treatment. 
Rotenberg also notes several parents of children with epilepsy have gone to other states to buy low-THC cannabis treatments.
Buying the treatment in other states up until now is something Donna Stahlhut, CEO of the Houston office for the Epilepsy Foundation in Texas, is familiar with.....

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