Monday, July 28, 2014

App to track migraine headaches

An app, currently only available overseas, helps people track what triggers their migraine headaches.

A new migraine tracking smartphone app analyses what causes your headaches and suggests how to stop them from happening.

The app, Migraine Buddy, asks questions about your migraine, habits, and medication with a questionnaire.

It also collects data about your sleep and movement patterns using your smartphone’s sensors.

Once the app collects enough data, it creates a report highlighting when the symptoms happened, and what were the top triggers.

It also finds out the most effective medication for you by recording when you used them and comparing that information with the severity of the migraines, Mashable reported.

“It mimics how a doctor prescribes different medication to patients to figure out what works,” said Veronica Chew, co-founder of Healint, the Singapore-based company behind Migraine Buddy.

“Most other migraine apps are not as comprehensive. We collect data that’s action-driven, so that we can help patients make the right decisions,” Chew said.

Currently, the application is only available in Singapore through a neurologist that is working with Healint.

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