Monday, July 28, 2014

Signs it's time for a sleep study

This article discusses different types of sleep disorders, and tells signs that may indicate it's time for a sleep study.

There are a number of sleep disorders that keep us from getting the rest we need. While poor sleep can be devastating to our quality of life, some sleep disorders — such as sleep apnea — can actually be life-threatening. The most common sleep disorders are:

  • Sleep apnea — interrupted breathing while sleeping
  • Insomnia — inability to get to sleep or stay asleep
  • Daytime sleepiness disorder (hypersomnia) — feeling sleepy all day, unable to stay awake, difficulty focusing
  • Restless leg syndrome — uncomfortable urge to move legs while at rest
  • Narcolepsy — sudden sleep attacks
A sleep study is typically the quickest and best way to find out whether you have a sleep disorder. It's time for a sleep study if:
  • Your bed partner complains of loud snoring and has witnessed you not breathing.
  • You wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat, coughing, choking or unable to catch your breath.
  • You have excessive daytime sleepiness and decreased energy during the day.
  • You are unable to remain awake while driving.
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