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Strange Sleeping Habits of Celebrities

This article discusses strange yet interesting sleep habits of celebrities.

Our favorite celebrities are human and require shut-eye just like the rest of us. Everyone has to lay down for a little shut eye (whether it’s in a giant egg or on latex mattress!). Many celebrities even battle familiar sleep disorders, while others are just a little kooky. Have you ever wondered what eccentric habits or issues famous people harbor regarding sleep? Keep reading to find out.
Celebrities with Eccentric Habits
Star status and plenty of money allow celebrities to adopt unique, lavish habits. Sometimes they are purely for comfort, other times for vanity and performance enhancement. While we all have our quirks, not many people could afford high altitude chambers or 15 hours of sleep!
Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise reportedly sleeps in a very nerdy room, alone in a dark, soundproof “snoratorium” so his snoring doesn’t bother others in his household, according to the Daily Mail.
Lady Gaga
Infamous eccentric Lady Gaga reportedly enjoyed the “egg” from her 2011 MTV appearance so much that she renovated her apartment to include in place of a bed, says Mirror. Supposedly it serves as a peaceful meditation spot.
Rapper Eminem takes the dark room principle to a new level by covering windows in aluminum foil to block out light. According to The Sun, it helps mitigate the effects of jet-lag when he travels. However,according to an interview with Complex, his busy schedule eventually got the best of him, resulting in a sleep med dependency.
Mariah Carey
Diva Mariah Carey sleeps surrounded by up to 20 humidifiers in an effort to prevent sore throats, tells V magazine. She also once told Interview magazine that she sleeps 15 hours a night to be able to perform at her best, but no word if that still stands with twin toddlers!
Michael Phelps
Prolific Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps revealed on “60 Minutes” that he sleeps in a high-altitude sleeping chamber designed to simulate high altitudes. This apparently makes the body work harder, and keeps him in peak performance while training – it certainly didn’t hurt.
Martha Stewart
Queen of domesticity, Martha Stewart, told People magazine that she only sleeps about four hours per night because there is not enough time in the day. Driven, self-critical personalities often loathe remaining in bed for more than a few hours, but such low amounts of sleep are typically discouraged.
Celebrities with Sleep Disorders
The National Sleep Foundation estimates that over 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, so it is no surprise that some celebrities do as well. While they may live the good life, they aren’t immune from stress, insomnia, and genetics.
Sleep Disorder Basics
If you have sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, you’re not alone – some of the most successful people do, too, that is probably why comfortable latex mattress beds were invented in the first place.Obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by extreme snoring that results from partial or complete blockage of one’s airways while sleeping, potentially leading to disrupted sleep, heart problems and more. Insomnia refers to chronic patterns of difficulty falling asleep, remaining asleep, or waking early with being able to return to sleep. Narcolepsy is defined as the uncontrollable urge to fall asleep during the day resulting from the body’s inability to regulate sleep/wake cycles.
Jennifer Aniston
A-List actress Jennifer Aniston has said she experienced somnambulance (sleepwalking) when under stress. Once, she sleepwalked out of her home, only awaking when the alarm went off.
George Clooney
Actor George Clooney told The Hollywood Reporter that he must have the television on to fall asleep, and that he wakes at least 5 times per night which point to insomnia. Supposedly, he does some if his best screenplay writing during this time though. Now who would have thought that dreams can help you get creative?
Shaquille O’neal
Basketball legend Shaq was diagnosed with sleep apnea during a sleep study by Harvard Medical School. He treats it with a CPAP device, which is a nasal mask worn during sleep.
Jimmy Kimmel
Comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has narcolepsy, diagnosed in adulthood. According to aninterview with Esquire, it strikes him in the afternoons and he has fallen asleep during meetings and even while driving.
Rosie O’Donnell
Comedian and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell announced on The View that she has sleep apnea. Before receiving treatment, she would stop breathing over 200 times a night, and sometimes for up to 40 seconds!
Now that you know the sleep habits of celebrities, you can be assured you aren’t the only one who snores, keeps odd hours, or sleeps in egg beds. Sleep remains a mystery and oft cited annoyance but every human must catch Zzz’s, no matter how we choose to do it.
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