Saturday, September 08, 2018

HISD Board of Trustees to Terminate its Committee on Special Education

The following news is of great importance to anyone connected to HISD !  Special education students are students - our children.

On 13 September the HISD Board of Trustees will receive the report and recommendations of the AD HOC Committee on Special Education and then dissolve it WITHOUT a successor to this trustee-lead advisory committee.

"In addition, having fulfilled its ad hoc responsibilities, the committee recommends that the board dissolve the Special Education Ad Hoc Committee."

Interested in Expressing Your Opinion?

1) I am collecting a survey evaluating if you feel there is a need for Trustee level oversight of SPED

13 Sep 2018 Board Agenda

2) Contact HISD Trustees

3) Board Agendas

4) Board Goals

5) AIR Report HERE

The AdHoc Committee educated and advised the Board of Trustees on special education, starting from basics. The work has progressed reaching a point where a report will be presented.

HISD has established a "Parents' Advisory Committee with four meetings per year. However, the parents committee has no role on policy and managing changes as recommended by the AdHoc Committee.

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