Saturday, February 13, 2016

Telemedicine for Pediatric Neurology - Texas Patients

 This is an expanded  service for selected NEW and established patients. Consider this an option if you  are waiting in Houston,  Dallas, Nacogdoches, Lubbock, Brownsville, San Antonio, Austin, Beaumont, Tyler, Corpus Christi. 

Call our office for details. - JR

Telemedicine for Pediatric Neurology

By entering our practice telemedicine site, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to our policies, including the telemedicine policies.

Step 1 - Complete all forms. Click on Links below for patient forms

​Step 2 - Make sure that your computer has: a recent edition of the following browsers: Firefox or Chrome. These browsers are free but take time to download and install. 

Step 3 Check that your computer has a working microphone and camera

Step 4 - Check with our office 1-2 days before the schedule visit.

​Step 5 - Log on using your computer and high speed internet 10 minutes before the visit. 

​Having Problems with the TM software, CLICK HERE

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Dr. Rotenberg 


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