Saturday, August 27, 2011

Study: Women Sleep More Than Men; Complain Of Exhaustion More

Unless you’re stuck in your teenage years where 12 hours of sleep was the norm, chances are you’re tired. Whether your boss doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the rest of the world has a life after 5pm, your two-year-old (or 12-year-old) refuses to go to bed, or you just can’t make yourself turn off Conan, the next day can be exhausting and draining. And while a sleep-deprived state is not fun for anyone, researchers found women actually get more shut-eye than men–we justcomplain more about being tired.

Studies have shown that women typically sleep deeper than men and wake up fewer times during the night. We even tend to perform better in a sleep-deprived state, so one would assume that we would be happier about our sleep, but it’s guys who say they are more satisfied with the quality and quantity of sleep.

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