Thursday, December 08, 2011

Study Reveals No Link Between 3D TV And Seizures

According to a survey, children watching 3D TV is prone to suffer from seizures. According to the reports of the first study of its kind that included 3D TV and children who are suffering from epilepsy, people at the University of Munich, Germany and the University of Salzburg, Austria subjected 140 young patients with an average age of 12 to a routine test for photosensitivity, other wise known as photo-paroxysmal stimulation along with 15 minutes of 3D-TV viewing activity. They made the children view videos on a 50 inch 3D Plasma TV and 3D shutter glasses. The children were made to sit at an approximate distance of 2 meters or six and one-half feet.

The feedback that came from the two sorts of stimulation were noted down on an EEG. Then these were assessed by two independent experts.

Acording to what the lead author Herbert Plischke has to say, “In our cohort of children with a risk of epilepsy or with known epilepsy fifteen minutes of 3D TV viewing did not increase epileptiform activity on EEG, nor were there any apparent seizures”. He says that “We conclude that the chance for people with undiagnosed epilepsy to have an epileptic seizure provoked by 3D-TV is unlikely.”

As per the verdict of the experts who were in the process of the research seizures that came out of watching TV do not seem due to technology, though they feel that the real cause is the content that is being viewed.

Various factors such as flicker, contrast, color and pattern makes the difference no matter if it is a 2D or a3D TV. There are a lot of patients — about 20 percent — who manifested a lot of other indications like queasiness, headache and lightheadedness.

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