Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ricky Gervais - Its a Sneezing Tic

Dear 60 Minutes Australia, Mr. Woolley and Mr. Gervais, 

Its an instructive video for people suffering, and though unintended,  please don't needlessly add to stigma. #Tourette syndrome is not funny!

Most Respectfully, 

Dr Josh


Yes. Mr Gervais, neurologic problems are not funny. 

Sneezing Tics are uncommon

Asperger was a Nazi who killed children.

How about we stop honoring this Nazi collaborator and murderer? The Holocaust could not have happened without the collaboration of physicians who believed in  lebensunwertes Leben or “ life unworthy of life,”

University of Vienna’s Children’s Hospital
where Asperger worked 
 ”...protected children he deemed intelligent. But he also referred several children to Vienna’s Am Spiegelgrund clinic, which he undoubtedly knew was a centre of ‘child euthanasia’, part of what was later called Aktion T4. “