Saturday, October 13, 2018

You can search how your neurologist is board certified.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Offering Pediatric Neurology Chronic Care to the Houston Area and all Texas Children

What is Neurologic  Chronic Care?

Having a child with special needs changes you. it changes your family, your world view. My medical practice has changed too as i think about my patients' experience, the family experience.

I use this experience to treat people with an illness, the experience of having a disease.

Neurologists have a reputation for wizard like mastery of esoterica with an eponymous jagon replete with Latin and German.  "The patient displayed Witzelsucht and was Babinski positive. "

Even so, the complexity and granularity of pediatric neurology has increased since I started practice.

  • Good care requires require detailed letters of accommodation for 504.
  • New gene tests emerge daily.
  • I can confer with specialist throughout the world

Ultimately this effort is medically indicated and valued.

Medicare, medicaid and most insurance recognizes this need and may offer coverage for these services even if NOT face-to-face.

To meet these requirements HSC has instituted chronic care programming to assist in the wrap-around.

Please contact us for details.