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Add Academy to ECW or other EMR to send orders for Sleep & EEG Testing Outpatient for Kids and Adults in Texas

Dear Colleague,

Sleep referrals are complex these days.

·      Home sleep test?  In-Lab Test?
·      Adult patients fail with home tests.
·      Patients fail home AUTO CPAP.

For 10 years Academy and its physician experts have welcomed infants and children of all ages & complexity.   Our affiliated Houston AND San Antonio  specialists can be seen HERE.

What can you do for your patients and to make the office flow smoothly?

Optimize your EMR function by adding Academy Diagnostics:

  • ·      Academy Diagnostics will help your patients and your practice access gold-standard care.
  • ·      Academy can save you and your MA time.

In eClinicalWorks  or another EMR, add Academy Diagnostics to seamlessly refer your sleep and EEG procedures via P2P or other systems, by the following:

1)   Add us to your Referring providers

a.     Last Name = Academy
b.    First Name = Diagnostics
c.     Specialty = Sleep Medicine

Academy Diagnostics - Houston

Academy Diagnostics – San Antonio


Phone: 832-659-0248
 Fax: 832-659-0261

SAN ANTONIO, TX  78229-3355

Phone: 210-616-9500
Fax: 210-616-0400

NPI: 1093112518

NPI: 1861615163

Taxonomy 261QS1200X

Taxonomy 261QS1200X

2)    You can also:

  •     create other custom specialties and entries for special procedures: EEG lab, e.g. neurophysiology.
  •        add Academy under “Labs” if this works well for your workflow.

Please notify us if you have questions about procedure codes.

Our PDF of order forms can be found HERE

Academy Diagnostics Staff

 Illustration of Linked Procedures  - (Sleep and EEG/Neuro)


PEDIATRIC SLEEP PROCEDURES (under 6) Newborns can have sleep studies by day. 

o 95782 Pediatric Diagnostic Polysomnogram (Sleep Study)
o 95783 Pediatric CPAP Titration (If Polysomnogram is positive for OSA or a previous study was performed and results are available)

o 95810 Diagnostic Polysomnogram (Sleep Study) (HST if required by insurance)
o 95811 CPAP Titration (If polysomnogram is positive for OSA or a previous study was performed and results are available.)
o 95811 Split Night Study (Treatment portion to be performed only if the patient meets criteria.)
o 95805 Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) following a Diagnostic Polysomnogram
o 95805 Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT)

HOME Sleep Testing - Adults

oCPT Code 95806 Sleep study, unattended, simultaneous recording of heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory airflow and respiratory effort.
  oHCPCS Code  G0399 Home sleep test with Type III portable monitor, unattended; minimum of four channels: two respiratory movement/airflow, one ECG/heart rate and one oxygen saturation

Sample Linked DIAGNOSIS Must indicate at least one qualifying diagnosis:
o G47.33 Obstructive Sleep Apnea
o G47.37 Central Sleep Apnea
o E66.01 Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
o G47.61 Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
o F51.8 Sleep Related Movement Disorders, unspecifed
o G47.419 Narcolepsy
o F51.13 Organic Hypersomnia/EDS
o G47.54 Parasomnias
o G47.20 Disruption of 24 hr Sleep/Wake Cycle Other Qualifying Code ___________________

PRE-TEST ESSENTIAL Data for Adults  PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS NOTE: Please indicate if the following Are Applicable

o E66.01 Morbid Obesity (Needs additional diagnosis)
o Pulmonary Disease (Respiratory Failure, COPD, Hypoxemia) 
oNeurologic OR Neuromuscular Disease (Epilepsy, Dementia, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc.)
o Significant Cardiac Disease (CHF, Atrial Fibrillation, Pulmonary Hypertension, Arrhythmias) 
oAll other conditions  ______________________

PRE-Test Essential Data for Adults

Ht:________________ Wt:________________ Neck Circumference________ BMI_________
*Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS = 10 or more)

Neuro-Diagnostics - EEG

o Routine EEG (Greater than one hour)
o Extended Video EEG Monitoring (Greater than 14 hours)

Sample Diagnoses:
R40.4 Transient alteration of awareness
R55 Syncope and collapse
G40.389 Epilepsy, unspecified
R56.9 Other Convulsions (e.g. seizure NOS)
R56 Convulsions


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